Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • reddymjm
    05-16 02:53 PM
    Sent an email to 20 of my friends @ work to that and following up with them.

    Some of my friends got the response saying that they are getting lot of calls and your name is added to MI phone list.

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  • GotFreedom?
    07-23 05:28 PM
    It varies from state to state based upon which money pool is used to pay the beneficiaries, but it is wise to not to go for it. You will show up as social burden at the time of adjudication and may affect the IOs descision while granting you the AOS approval or not.

    Its my 2 cents. You may wanna talk to your attorney before even thinking about filing for such benefits.

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  • Dhundhun
    06-01 08:53 PM
    I just happened to see a copy of my labor approval. My current salary is less than the salary mentioned in labor approval. Do you know whether it is legally valid?. My salary is as per the LCA for H1.

    If GC LCA salary is more than it is well planned by the employer. If you run away, at the time of GC you need to show a job with that higher salary other wise you may loose GC.

    Usually GC LCA salary is kept low. If some mishap happen, is will be easier to find a job with lower salary.

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  • irrational
    06-19 09:12 AM
    Thanks Folks,
    I will efile today and I'll let you guys know how it turns out.



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  • 485Mbe4001
    05-17 11:13 PM
    Thanks i had asked my company lawyers refile under perm for me.Their reply was that you are better off with your current PD (sometime 2002), if the bill passes then we can reasses your situation. I have the US masters and all the i was wondering if i should go with some other lawyer.

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  • PDOCT05
    08-15 02:45 PM
    I-140 approved at NSC
    PD is OCT EB3

    Thanks much for your response...I hope my checks will get cashed in next few days..


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  • desi3933
    07-09 02:18 PM
    I am not asking how to snatch the sugarcane out of an Elephant's mouth. I just want to poke the cane in his mouth until he bleeds, so that he will think twice before he grabs on the sugarcane next time. You know what I mean???

    I learned my lesson and just want to teach him something out of this as well. HELP ME here?

    Don't let your emotions cloud your judgment.

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  • chandra140
    08-28 11:09 AM

    Got some info reg my 140 issue.

    First my 140 was filed in first week of april and got receipt notice with received date as 11-Apr-08, and later it was rejected because of check bounce issue.

    Again my 140 refiled in july,and got my 140 receipt notice with received date as 24-Jul-08.

    (My labour was approved on 23-Jan-08 and its expiration date is 21-Jul-08)

    Got this response from my lawyer:
    we first filed it well before the dates,so you should not have a problem, as this is refiled in follow up to the original one.

    I am still wondering the USCIS will process my 140.


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  • gaurav_sh2
    07-20 07:47 AM
    I agree to maverick. I have PD of feb 08 in EB2. I was having a permenent job but I decided to move back. The main points were uncentainity in GC process. Took a leads Job in worlds largest mutual fund company at bangalore as DBA.
    Thing are working out great, since I can do what ever I want without worrying about any paprework.

    All though I am really flustreted with bangalore traffic but you have to deal with it..

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  • Hassan11
    03-26 11:53 AM
    no, it is not the same position. the two positins have 2 different classifications and requirements. the first position (I have LC certified for) is a financial analyst which requires a bachelor degree. the second position is a senior financial analyst (for which LC was denied) which requires a masters degree and it is supervisory position. I asked my employer to request masters + 2 years experience for the senior position but lawyer said that my experience was acquired while working for the employer (while I was working as a financial analyst) so that experience can not count toward the senior position. this was a genuine promotion and not just to apply for EB2.

    any feedback is appreciated.

    There is a little chance to overcome this issue. Because of promotion in same occupation classification, one can not upgrade the education requirement to Master degree, if the same occupation required Bachelors degree in junior level. If your employer requested more experience (rather than education), probabaly they may approve the second LC, as it is geneune for asking more experience for senor level.

    Now DOL and USCIS is tightening the requirement as everyone is shooting for higher requirement to apply in EB2.


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  • Pagal
    12-03 02:39 PM

    As you have aged out, please check whether your 485 is still considered as 'dependent' or whether you are now a 'primary' applicant.

    If you are primary, staying out of country before GC issue is legally fine (though you may need to prove to IO at PoE as to why you want to enter US before GC is issued).

    If your I-485 was dependent, there should not be any restriction on you staying out of country for extended periods of time.

    Of course, pl consult an experienced attorney before making any decision...good luck w LSE...beautiful school in a beautiful city! :)

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  • langagadu
    03-29 03:53 PM


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  • sujith1
    07-07 06:05 PM
    Yes - 485 can only be applied if ithe dates are current

    Thanks for the valuable information. But we all know the I-485 process take long period of time. Mean time if I marry again, do I have to wait for the priority date to be current in order to Apply I-485 for my new wife?


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  • lacrossegc
    07-30 03:33 PM
    When do you get FP notices?


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  • SEP03NY
    08-15 02:57 PM
    one of my friend file I485 on 30th July, he got receipt notice. They
    have mention received on 2nd July.

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  • eilsoe
    10-03 12:43 PM
    did ya...?

    Hmm, must check it then....


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  • lostinbeta
    10-03 01:45 PM
    mwwwwwahahahahahhahahhahhhaaaaa :evil:

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  • small2006
    07-11 11:35 AM
    Hi Folks,
    I am one of those guys who has EAD/AP and as per the latest (Aug 08) bulletin, my PD is current.

    I just called USCIS and got my 3rd service request number since Oct 2007. So far nothing has happened.

    I want to know if this is going to have a negative impact on my 485 approval in anyway? Am I not supposed to have my FP done before they can approve my 485? Isn't that a pre-requisite? I just don't want to miss one more boat due to USCIS screw ups.

    Please advise/suggest...


    Moderator: apologies for cross-posting but I needed an answer soon.

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  • kartikiran
    05-06 11:08 AM
    if a couple of members attend with immigration voice badge on their shirts, this could be a good platform for immigrationvoice as a group to get noticed.

    Maybe people who are living around Washington DC neighborhood can attend to represent IV and their registration can be sponsored by IV.

    Just a thought. As we push our agenda, IV as an organization must get noticed in more places where USCIS is putting its face on.

    08-06 11:34 AM
    Received an email from CRIS stating that Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident. Those who are tracking approval, check out IV profile/tracker.


    09-08 10:38 AM
    Good atleast we can have jobs, last couple of years tired of loosing jobs because of Outsourcing companies. Waiting for GC from 9 years and now struggling to keep the job because of Outsourcing. Big F for OS

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