Thursday, June 30, 2011

andy murray tennis player

images house hot Andy Murray, tennis andy murray tennis player. But, as Andy rose to fame,
  • But, as Andy rose to fame,

  • greyhair
    02-22 05:51 PM
    Thanks snathan for posting the link. Great info! I came across another news article on Bloom box today.

    wallpaper But, as Andy rose to fame, andy murray tennis player. British tennis player has
  • British tennis player has

  • mrdelhiite
    07-25 04:06 PM



    Sorry if this is a repost.


    andy murray tennis player. Andy Murray was looking to end
  • Andy Murray was looking to end

  • eb3retro
    10-01 04:29 PM
    Wrong forum iuiukk..This forum is only for LEGAL employment based immigration issues. You will not find a single soul here in IV that will help you or give advice to you to do anything illegal. We are law abiding professionals and so you are looking for advice in the wrong forum.

    I came to US on B2 10-year multiple visa, my I-94 is going to expire in a few weeks (first time extension approved ). My husband�s citizenship application has been pending for the past 10 months, it is in internal security check , so don't know how long it will take to clear.

    What are the consequences if I over stay on my B1 visa for about 150 days, during which I apply for my I-130 and then go back to my home country and go for the consulor processing. Is this can be done? I got different opinions so confused. Would it impact my consular interview?

    The hope is my husband�s citizenship would be approved before that and I might never have to leave the US.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Young tennis star serves an

  • bitzbytz
    06-21 02:08 PM
    I know a person, who was on H1b since Oct 06 without Pay (with valid H4visa stamp) and In feb 07 , she went to India and returned to US on her unexpired H4 visa. Did anyone hear similar stories.

    I am trying to find out, if returning to US using unexpired H4 visa is safe option


    applying for COS from H1-H4.


    andy murray tennis player. British tennis player Andy
  • British tennis player Andy

  • indio0617
    08-24 11:41 AM
    IV core has noted this and will address it soon.

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  • INTERVIEWING tennis players is

  • skalra
    01-29 09:54 PM
    I have same case, and I used my own sponsorship that got 10 years visa for my parents.

    For the counselor, visiting a son is a more important need than visiting a brother.


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  • Scottish tennis player Andy

  • mchatrvd
    08-20 09:57 AM
    My bad. i didn't see his time stamp :)

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  • jkays94
    07-10 08:35 AM
    Nothing - this thread may not have merit. Please close this thread

    It has limited relevance, the issue is the integrity of the Senator, he has admitted to the issue at hand but he went on the Senate floor as an elected public official to make declaratory and restrictionist anti-immigration statements, attacked immigrants, proposed and supported anti-immigrant ammendments and all this with the foundation of his positive public image, integrity and moral uprightness. We are thus not discussing the list he is on, but are simply taking note of the Senator's credibility on an issue that affects us. Anything beyond that would be inappropriate and not relevant to our issues.


    andy murray tennis player. Andy Murray (Andrew
  • Andy Murray (Andrew

  • Vennilarajan
    02-15 06:02 AM
    Hi Vennilarajan!
    See if the information shown here helps you convert your C# projects to VB:

    Kirupa :)

    Awesome:):) It is working..... A great Tool:)
    Thanks :):)

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  • fide_champ
    08-06 10:18 AM

    I went to US on B1 and came back to india last week, I would like to apply H1 in the current year. Is there any cooling period to apply H1B once come back from US on B1 or Can I start the H1B process immediately.

    Thanks in Advance.

    - Mani

    Looks like there are companies lined up to recruit you. Could you please publish your CV so that others can copy it?


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  • 50-1: Andy Murray - A tennis

  • Berkeleybee
    04-12 11:04 PM

    gc_check are you paying attention? :) That is already linked there.

    hot British tennis player Andy andy murray tennis player. Tennis
  • Tennis

  • austingc
    08-02 07:57 AM

    i entered the US on AP in Jan 2010, and at the time of entry, my I94 validity was set for
    1 year (viz Jan 2011) - and the AP also noted "AoS" status on it.

    (a) Is the validity of my I94 (and thus my legal stay) 1 year, or as i have read elsewhere,
    if AoS is pending, then its valid till the AoS case is decided?

    (b) If the validity is 1 year, what is the process for extending the I94 validity?

    thanks for your time,
    a. Yes, you are on valid AOS status.
    b. No need to extend your I-94 as long as your AOS is pending.


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  • cr125rider
    04-16 02:00 AM
    Good idea, a project for tomarrow. *Goes to sleep, reads clock "1:00"*

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  • sameer2730
    06-22 08:01 AM
    Troll Alert. Look at his user id.


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  • Andy Murray#39;s Aussie Open

  • validIV
    01-22 04:57 PM
    Shouldn't be difficult but it is the USCIS that we are talking about after all. Unless it is passed as law, it wont happen. A dual stage I-485 application process was being discussed last year but nothing came out of it. Piecemeal legislations will not pass as the public wants CIR not bandaids.

    And FYI, EAD does not eliminate employer dependency—you still need an employer.

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  • His coach is French tennis

  • nochoice
    12-18 09:50 AM
    Gurus, please help. Can anybody throw some light on why my LUD has changed on I-485. Could it be because of name clearance.

    Are you in a critical situation that needs important legal advice?


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  • desibechara
    10-16 10:52 PM
    Finally after numerous logins at USCIS, I saw today..Request for additional Evidence sent
    on my I140..I only happen to see when some other guy with Eb3 Pd2005 and Rd of August 15 got his I 140approval...
    so I logged in to see ..I too have LUD

    I wonder what it may be because I had sent all my W2s since my PD of 2001..

    My friend from my company had also received RFE for TAX papers last year. She sent it and was approved..

    Hopefully I am too..because I never changed jobs working for the last 8 years....and had prior necessary experience before joining my current 1 year in current job

    PD Oct 29, 2001, RD aug 8, 2007

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  • yumyum20
    10-19 10:39 AM
    Yes the bottom line is you have to withdraw one. In my case, I have to write in letter to USCIS in Nebraska becase I did self-filing. I've spoken to an agent a while ago. She said withdrawal will not affect my other I-485. Consult with your attorney. I already have a finger printing appointment next week so I'm goin to withdraw the I-485 receipt from Nebraska.

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  • paskal
    01-27 02:03 PM
    suggest you join your state chapter
    they are more likely to hold a teleconference
    iv core members are often present at these
    if you state does not have an active chapter-
    join one from another state.

    02-12 12:41 PM
    Try to get into EB1.. otherwise you will be stuck for 10 years like the rest of us!

    to start my GC process.;-)

    01-15 01:49 PM
    Sec. 45. 2 Priority date of applicants.

    "The priority date of an alien who is the beneficiary of a petition approved by the Service to accord status under section 124 of Public Law 101-649 shall be the filing date of the approved petition, as determined by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. The priority date of the spouse or child, accompanying or following to join such an alien shall be the priority date of the alien spouse or parent. "

    As it sound to me It means PD of primary applicant will be the PD of spouse and child.

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