Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • lkapildev
    11-16 11:48 AM
    my LUD is 07/17/2007 on I-140

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  • gamjayoung
    11-20 05:35 PM
    Can you tell me how to check if my PD is current?? Thanks

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  • trump_gc
    07-21 06:35 AM
    I just did that, from Sr sw engr to sr sales conslt. Corporation would not care for details of AC21 , however if and when u send in AC21 letter to USCIS, make sure your job duties match that of ur previous job. rest shd be all cool. The new job u r getting into, is it a big firm and small?

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  • justin150377
    07-10 01:00 AM
    and take jobs away from the US (Microsoft)...what are canadians thinking??

    (DJ) Canada To Up Forces In Arctic To Assert Control Of NW Passage(DJ)


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  • vedicman
    12-24 10:22 AM
    Wishing all the IV members a very Happy New Year and hoping the new year will bring us positive news and green cards :)

    Happy Holidays!

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  • Blog Feeds
    04-26 11:30 AM
    We are posting the recent list of petitioners who received an approval in FY09 of Form I-129, requesting initial H-1B status for the beneficiary employee. Approximately 3,000 initial H-1B petitions are not accounted for on this list due to missing petitioner tax ID numbers.

    While the full official final list of biggest H1B visa employers for FY2010 for the season has not been released, this preliminary list has been released for the Top employers this past US immigration year.

    An H1B visa is a temporary working visa for professional positions, which allows foreign nationals to live and work in the U.S. for up to six years. This visa is an important tool for any employer to get the highly qualified technical expertise it needs to operate and grow its business.

    If you compare the top 25 employers of US visas in 2009 to the past Top 100 H1B visa employers of FY2009, that many companies like InfoSys, Tata and Satyam have dropped substantially both in the number of US visas for foreigners applied for and their overall rank. In the cases of Tata and Satyam, they are not even on this top list anymore.

    This further shows again both the fallacy of the arguments perpetuated by bigots in the US Congress and the US media about foreign companies (mainly Indian) taking the jobs of US citizens.

    Click for the full list Download file (

    More... (


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  • regacct
    11-18 11:45 AM
    Free Attorney Conference call today (

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    06-22 11:00 AM
    On June 9, 2009, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano granted deferred action for two years to widows and widowers of U.S. citizens (and their unmarried children under 18 years old) who reside in the United States, and who were married for less than two years before their spouse’s death. Deferred action is a short-term act of prosecutorial discretion that suspends removal proceedings against an individual or group of individuals for a specific timeframe. The action is temporary and it will not resolve an individual’s underlying immigration status.

    In addition to the deferred action, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will suspend all adjudications of visa petitions and adjustment applications filed by widow(er)s where the only reason for reassessment of immigration status was the death of a U.S. citizen spouse before the second anniversary of the marriage. Further, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will now defer initiating or continuing removal proceedings, or executing final orders of removal against qualified widow(er)s and their eligible children.

    Secretary Napolitano states that the deferred action is a “common-sense and practical” solution that will grant “these individuals and their children an opportunity to stay in the country that has become their home while their legal status is resolved.”

    Additional information may be found at: (

    More... (


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  • dskhabra
    05-27 04:28 PM
    I had a hard time to get dates in Punjabi for my parents...after trying for many days...finally found some one paid him Rs XXXX and got the desired date time within 1 hour. This is not the right way but I had no other option.

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  • bouncer
    11-06 01:39 AM
    Hi bouncer!
    You need a clientaccesspolicy.xml file that allows you to make accesses across domains:

    Kirupa :P

    Hi Kirupa,

    Thanks for your answer and the Karen's link. I was reading your article " Preloading and Displaying an Image " . Great article. Do you have any idea to write an article based on todays question?


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  • Ann Ruben
    08-06 08:51 PM
    This should nt have any impact on your wife's AOS application.

    However, for peace of mind, you can have CBP corect the error. This is easily done by contacting the nearest CBP deferred inspection site. Go to"][/URL to find contact information.

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  • gc_chahiye
    09-21 04:53 PM
    A brief background: I have approved labor (PD Jun04/EB3), I-140 rejected & pending I-140 (MTR filled in Jan'07) with attorney A. Meanwhile got PERM LC approved & filled I-140 & I-485concurrently in Aug.07 thru Attorney B (recipt recived).(FYI....the same company did Old & New PERM Labor)
    Now the question is, If my old I-140 gets approved, than do I have any benefit/advantage using that Old approved I-140 PD of Jun04 when my new I-140 gets approved? In short, can I still use my OLD priority date? (Jun04).(even though I have already concurrently filled New I-140 & I-485 in aug.07).
    Any thoughts/suggestions/advice/ideas are appreciated. thanks.

    yes you can use the old PD, google for "interfiling".

    Here's a search showing some results from Murthy's website:


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  • vrkgali
    02-25 01:50 PM
    Is good ..

    Suishta Saigal
    Attorney at Law
    Madan & Saigal LLC
    358 Fifth Avenue - Suite 704
    New York, NY 10001

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  • vmgc2007
    10-24 11:50 AM
    My friend's application got rejected for incorrect filling fee, how ever his attorney refiled the case, let's how long does it take to get the receipt ??any one got receipts after refiling ?


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  • Saburi
    12-28 09:25 AM
    I switched my job in first week of October this year and My new employer filed the H1B transfer petition on Sep 26 (USCIS Receipt date). It has been almost two months and USCIS online status still shows case received and pending, while California State Center processing dates shown Oct 15 which is 20 days after Sep 26.
    Is there anyone who has expereineced the same and want to share?
    I am bit concerned because my employer has started the GC process and will be ready to submit the PERM application in few weeks.
    Thanks in advance.

    I had the same situation but in vermot center and it took 20 days to get transfered to the new company as i did file in Premium Processing, but a friend of mine did applied in regular as you did nd it took exactly 3 months to get it transfered.

    So i think your will be done in Jan 2007 do not worry.

    Best Regards


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  • kirupa
    06-05 04:18 PM
    Added it up :P


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  • uma001
    10-10 08:50 AM
    Do you have project in hand already?
    What do you mean by you need to start the ' job' on Octt 25..Is that mean you need to join the client for project??
    You can always say different at embassy because they dont know your start date

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  • b2visahelp
    06-15 07:37 PM

    My parents' and 2 brothers' B2 visas got rejected yesterday. The VO didn't state the refusal reason. He didn't stamp anything on their passports. I got my GC through asylum, and will get married in Nov. 2009. I supplied a formal letter from my pastor about the wedding that it's real. And my parents stated that they are not bringing my youngest brother to the US because he has school. During the interview, the VO asked them about me. He knew that I got my GC through asylum. He asked if I work or go to school. My parents answered honestly that I'm currently working to support myself.

    My parents didn't show their bank account, certificate of properties and business because the VO didn't ask for it. Should they show them to VO eventhough he didn't ask to see it?

    Now, we're preparing to apply B2 visa for a second time. Here are my questions:
    1. When do you think they should apply for the visas again?
    2. What can I do to support the fact that they will definitely go back to their country? Should we write a letter stating the reasons why they won't immigrate to US?
    3. My parents are taking care of my elderly grandfather, 80 years old. Should they state this for a reason they'll come back, and also bring his photo?
    4. Will they get a better chance if they leave all of my 3 younger brothers at home? really want them to attend my wedding.

    Thanks a bunch for all of your advise!

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  • chanduv23
    11-01 08:01 AM
    if u file for 140, chances are that it will get approved before may 2007 is high. If u have an approved 140, you can get 3 year extension. If you seek extension based on labor, you will get 1 year extension. I recommend u to apply for 140 (if possible premium) ASAP. Even otherwise,you are fine to get an year of extension.

    07-24 08:33 AM
    thats what I did when I moved back to company A. My lawyer suggested as long as company A did not cancel your H1 approval you are good to go!!..Hope this helps. Good luck.

    02-27 09:16 PM
    Yes Great Inovation and Technology looks promising, need to see how this grows.

    Let it Bloom soon... in every backyard and household.

    Hope we can take this to Villages and Small cities in India.

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