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  • minimalist
    11-12 10:05 AM
    The policies that are supposed to help recovery are being worked on and will take time to show results. Remember nobody felt the recession until 1 year after it actually started. While waiting for the policies to take effect or show results ,positive or negative, they can act on other things that are important.
    All other activities are not being carried out while ignoring the economy. They are trying to multi-task.
    Think of it this way. When dinnertime comes around, mom may be preparing dinner and watching TV at the same time.It doesn't mean she is ignoring the family needs.

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  • Soltan
    11-23 03:21 AM
    Hi, my I94 expires on Nov 28th and my current employer is having issues in applying for transfer (they applied but without proper documents and it is still pending). I know I can continue to work based on the extension receipt they have even after Nov 28th.

    I have some questions in the scenario that this application of extension (old employer) is denied after Nov 28th say on Dec 10th:

    1) If a new employer applies for H1b transfer before Nov 28th and I get a rejection on Dec10th (with old one), can I immediately switch to the new employer (based on their transfer receipt) and continue work with the new one?

    2) If the new employer is unable to apply before Nov28th (with holidays coming up), but say applies on Dec5th. Now if I get a rejection with old employer on Dec10th, can I switch to new employer on Dec10th and continue working (even though they applied for transfer after my I94 expiration but while my stay was legal) ?

    Appreciate your responses at this crucial time.

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  • saturn12
    02-13 11:53 PM

    I am a EB3 candidate I 485 filed and green card pending,priority date is January 2007.My husband is also on EAD filed I 485 together and I am the principal applicant.He wants to own a sub way franchisee with his valid EAD ,please let me know if he can take up a sub way franchisee.

    Thanking you,

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  • vidyasagar
    11-30 02:10 AM
    Hi Vaibhav,

    Can you help me.

    I want to rotate any 3D object which was uploaded from opendialogbox.

    Pls help me in this.


    I am new to wpf. i am working on my project in WPF on 3d objects where i managed to add the functionality of zoom and rotate but struggling to add pan tool. can you please help me achieve that. I downloaded the 3dtools.dll from code plex website and added to reference in blend along with trackball codes therefore my zoom and rotate started working. But doesn't have pan functionality yet.



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  • maheshf
    08-15 04:35 PM
    I will be travelling outside US using AP by end of this month. I don not have valid stamped visa. Recently small part of my old company (A)got acquired by new company and my job was moved to new company (B)

    Lawyer at company B applied for New H1 in May 2008 ( old is still valid till 2009)�but haven�t received approved 797 notice yet.

    Can I travel outside US and comeback without haveing approved new 797 notice. I do have EAD and old 797.

    Any issues ? I don�t want to abandon my H1 status.

    Gurus please advise.

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  • raysaikat
    05-18 01:52 AM
    ... Our name is on the lease together here in MA but will we be penalized for living separately when he is away at school?...

    Penalize in what sense?

    If your marriage is a true marriage, then there will be no problem with respect to immigration even if you do not live at the same place.


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  • srthegr8
    08-07 12:30 PM
    Hi ,
    I want to change my wife's H1 to H4.

    She got her first approval in oct 2006 and was working as fulltime. after that she coverted to H4 when we visited india. her H4 is valid through oct'09. then we file for her new H1 from company B in march 09 (COS) and she got approval but due to bad market condition she never got project and her consulting company never paid her so she doesn't have any paystubs. My company file for my H1B extension and I got approval.

    Now I want to change my wife's status back to h4. I had in impression that she never worked on new H1 so her H1 will not be activated. but I came across some posts and learn that it is automatically activated the day she got her H1B approval.

    Now please suggest me what would be the safest way to convert her back on H4 ?

    1)File form I-539 without her paystubs using my new 797 document? is there chances of RFE without paystubs? and what could be the next step if RFE comes? can we go to home country and get it done or it will make more complications? and VO will ask more questions because of RFE?

    2) go out of county and come back again on existing stammped h4 (I am hoping that will convert her status back to H4)? and then file for I-539 for H4 extension using my new Approval notice? she has canadian PR as well. should she visit canada or india? somehow her I94 on passport has expired in Feb'09 but she has valid I94 on her H1 pitition. should she give her new I94 when going out of country? if she visits canada will they issue her new I94 if she returns back within 30 days?

    3) should she go outside country and apply for new H4 using my new approved 797 ?

    Please help me ASAP. I am really confused what should I do!!!

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  • kirupa
    05-27 03:19 PM
    They both look really nice amit. I have added them both up!


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  • ashishgour
    11-01 04:30 PM
    11/01/2007: House Agreed to H.R. 3043 Labor-HHS FY 2008 Conference Request of the Senate and Appointed House Conferees Yesterday

    The House appointed the following members of the House of Representatives to the Senate-House Conference Committee for this legislation: Representatives Obey, Lowey, DeLauro, Jackson (IL), Kennedy, Roybal-Allard, Lee, Udall (NM), Honda, McCollum (MN), Ryan (OH), Murtha, Edwards, Walsh (NY), Regula, Peterson (PA), Weldon (FL), Simpson, Rehberg, Young (FL), Wicker, and Lewis (CA).
    The list of the full conference committee: On the House side, Representatives Obey, Lowey, DeLauro, Jackson (IL), Kennedy, Roybal-Allard, Lee, Udall (NM), Honda, McCollum (MN), Ryan (OH), Murtha, Edwards, Walsh (NY), Regula, Peterson (PA), Weldon (FL), Simpson, Rehberg, Young (FL), Wicker, and Lewis (CA). On the Senate side: Senators. Harkin, Inouye, Kohl, Mrs. Murray, Ms. Landrieu, Messrs. Durbin, Reed, Lautenberg, Byrd, Specter, Cochran, Gregg, Craig, Mrs. Hutchison, Messrs. Stevens, Shelby, and Domenici.
    Defense appropriation conference committee has already been actively working for the compromise. Open question is whether these bills will be strategically presented separately or in a packet to the White House for the President's signature. We will find it out sooner or later. Please stay tuned.
    Now, since the immigrant community has the full list of the members of the Senate-House conference committee, they should actively contact the members of the conference committee to support EB-3 visa number recapture bill and to oppose the H-1B supplemental fee legislation, at least to see that the former immigration bill is agreed to and the latter immigration bill is rejected at the level of conference process within the Congress. TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! :confused:

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  • axp817
    01-13 12:29 PM
    I am planning to visit Canada sometime in the summer, and being Indian, I need a visitor's visa.

    The Canadian consulate doesn't have much information about Advance Parole holders in the US applying for a visitor's visa, and it looks like the process is the same as for F-1, H-1B holders.

    I am wondering if I need to send the original AP (as a supporting document) or if a copy will do.

    I can't go to the consulate in person, and have to send my stuff in the mail, or this wouldn't have been an issue.



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  • nefrateedi
    08-01 05:29 PM
    Thanks for the information.

    say for eg, there is a $1000 fee for my 485, does this include spouse's 485 also?
    Or I have to pay seperate $1000 for spouse's 485?

    No, it does not include the spouse's application. The fee schedule will give you a good idea of what the fees are for each category.

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    07-09 10:40 PM
    It will be subjective of the examining officer...he could choose to deny the 140, issue an RFE or may even just ignore it...

    I understand is a grey area but i was wondering if anybody here had some issues like that. Hopefuly, whatever he does is not going to be denying it...


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  • JunRN
    09-17 01:59 PM
    I think it is better. Your EAD and AP will be processed faster because they are in CSC and your I-485 is in TSC, which is better than NSC.

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  • rajenk
    02-10 02:09 PM
    That could be things like
    NOID - Notice of intend to Deny.
    RFE - Request for evidence.

    For I-140 USCIS does not update the online status properly. For both of my EB3 and EB2 I-140s still the case status says they received the application and processing!

    Wait for the document that they sent.


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  • captain_insano
    05-25 10:33 AM
    Choose Option (B)

    dresses restaurant names. funny city names. and city by APRIL 30TH.
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  • Saburi
    12-28 09:25 AM
    I switched my job in first week of October this year and My new employer filed the H1B transfer petition on Sep 26 (USCIS Receipt date). It has been almost two months and USCIS online status still shows case received and pending, while California State Center processing dates shown Oct 15 which is 20 days after Sep 26.
    Is there anyone who has expereineced the same and want to share?
    I am bit concerned because my employer has started the GC process and will be ready to submit the PERM application in few weeks.
    Thanks in advance.

    I had the same situation but in vermot center and it took 20 days to get transfered to the new company as i did file in Premium Processing, but a friend of mine did applied in regular as you did nd it took exactly 3 months to get it transfered.

    So i think your will be done in Jan 2007 do not worry.

    Best Regards



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  • matrixneo
    10-20 12:51 AM
    Hello IVians,
    I need to give power of attorney to someone in India, currently I'm residing in California.
    Anyone has recent experiences about the process, please share...

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  • bkarnik
    08-18 05:31 PM
    I had applied for my I-140 to seek an extension from Oct-09 to OCT-10..Instead I recieved an I-140 with expiry date of Oct-09 itself..what to do now..I know its a genuine mistake..but not sure how to get that addressed..:confused:

    I am confused...I-140 has an expiry date?

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  • reachinus
    07-23 06:07 AM
    my manager decided that he is going to RIF me in October. I just filed for my AOS and EAD last week. So i would assume my receipt date would be some time in July.
    I already have my I-140 approved with PD of Mar 2004

    Please suggest what do I need to do ?. Since July to October is like 3 -months, I can get an EAD ( atleast Interim ).

    So can I work on this EAD ?. What are the consequences ?. Should I re-start the whole process of Labor / I-140 / I-485 ? with the priority date of the I - 485 ?.

    I am sooo fed up with this whole process already. But I don't want to leave this now. I will get the Green Card, and then take citizenship before I leave this country

    PLease help.....
    Edit/Delete Message

    You should be ok if ur employer doesn't revoke ur 140 before 180 days. After that you r fine and can work with any employer of ur choice in the same field.

    03-22 02:48 PM
    I have AOS and was recently laid off from my job. As I haven't found another job by the removal-from-payroll deadline, my H1B will expire. My question is, once I get my EAD, can I apply for a new H1B. The motivation is that I can bring a spouse over on a dependant visa only on H1B but not on AOS. How should I work this out?


    07-29 06:29 PM
    This thread is not related with I-140 stage, please move it to I-485 or tracking folders. Thank you.

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