Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • toronto1999
    10-15 09:03 AM
    I start to study WOM, my district court web doesn't list anything about that, then I find aonther site lists WOM cases filed in my district, but no status mentioned. Does anyone knows? I appreciate!

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  • kothuri
    11-23 12:00 PM
    Yes to both.

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  • Blog Feeds
    03-05 08:10 AM
    USCIC announced the availability of two new grants that are designed to help lawful permanent residents prepare for citizenship and integration in the U.S. This year, nearly $7 million will be made available for education initiatives throughout the country. According to USCIS, these two competitive grant programs will help expand citizenship preparation programs for lawful permanent residents that wish to achieve U.S. citizenship.

    Citizenship and Integration Direct Services Grant Program - The first funding opportunity will focus on providing funding for local programs that are currently working to promote the rights and responsibilities of citizenship through direct citizenship preparation programs for lawful permanent residents. Examples of such programs include those with initiatives to prepare lawful permanent residents for the civics and the English reading, writing and speaking portions of the naturalization test.
    Organizations interested in applying for this grant opportunity should send a required letter of intent by March 26, 2010 to the following email address:

    Citizenship and Integration National Capacity Building Grant Program- The second funding opportunity will focus on increasing the capacity building initiatives of national, regional and statewide organizations that provide citizenship services in underserved communities. Funding through this grant will assist these organizations in promoting the integration of immigrants in the U.S. through direct citizenship services for lawful permanent residents.

    Organizations interested in applying for this grant opportunity should send a required letter of intent by March 26, 2010 to the following email address:

    To apply for either of these programs, visit (

    More... (

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  • 5fingers2infinity
    03-12 07:12 AM
    You are so fortunate. My priority date is May 2006, but my I-140 was only approved & received by NVC last January. We have similar question. I hope the statement from the FAQ of NVC (check will help us.

    Why don't you have my case at NVC yet?

    When you complete a petition (I-130, I-140, etc.) for an immigrant visa you send it to Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Department of Homeland Security for approval. If the [B]CIS approves the petition they will send you a Notice of Approval (I-797) and then they will send the petition to NVC. There is a delay between when you get the Notice of Receipt and the Notice of Approval from CIS and also between when you get the Notice of Approval and when NVC receives the petition. After NVC receives the petition, we will create a case record and assign a case number. We recommend that you wait at least three weeks after you get your Notice of Approval before calling NVC if you have not heard from the Center by that time.

    Am I then safe to assume that the first approved petition to reach the NVC will be processed first? So between us, you go first!


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  • claudia255
    01-03 05:24 PM
    On Sept. 14, President Bush signed the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007, an ethics and lobbying reform bill, which enforces a number of new restrictions.

    Under the new law, lobbyists are prohibited from providing gifts, food, beverage and travel to Members of Congress, their staff or employees. A violation of this law could result in civil fines and/or criminal prosecution for the Company and individuals involved.


    This is already known. How is this directly related to immigration or IV? Please make a point because I failed to notice it.
    This thread should be closed.

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  • sfxman
    05-09 02:30 PM

    Is your case number low?

    Mine should be current in december/january if it follows same trend as this year...


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-24 06:00 PM
    On May 18, 2009, the Texas Senate passed a bill requiring Sheriffs or any other officers in charge of a correctional facility, to determine the “citizenship status” of all convicted felons. The bill, S.B 2584, amends Chapter 2, Code of Criminal Procedure, by adding Article 2.245. If a defendant has been convicted of a felony under Title 5 (Offenses Against the Person), Penal Code, Title 6 (Offenses Against the Family), Penal Code, Title 7 (Offenses Against Property), Penal Code, Chapter 43 (Public Indecency), Title 9 (Offenses Against Public Order and Decency), Penal Code, Chapter 45 (Weapons), Title 10 (Offenses Against Public Health, Safety, and Morals), Penal Code, and Chapter 481 (Texas Controlled Substances Act), Health and Safety Code, the sheriff or officer will make a reasonable effort to determine the defendant’s “citizenship status”. If the sheriff has reason to believe the defendant is a foreign national, within 48 hours after the defendant is received at the correctional facility, the sheriff or officer will contact the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to verify the defendant’s immigration status. The bill becomes effective September 1, 2009.

    The bill places “sheriffs or other officers in charge of a correctional facility” in the role of immigration agents. The sheriff or officer now has another duty, to determine whether defendants have lawful status. The bill is available at Texas Legislature Online (

    More... (

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  • maxy
    11-09 05:10 PM
    I am currently working for big consulting firm, they hold my H1 and 485 is pending for more than 6 months. i have valid EAD from pending 485.

    I am getting full time opportunity, my new employer is ready to transfer H1 as well as they are willing to accept me using EAD. so its entirely my preference.

    can you please tell me adv/dis adv of using H1 over EAD or vice versa. (my 6 yrs of H1 will finish in another 6-7 months)



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  • HeeKwan
    04-18 04:52 PM
    Hello !

    My company had changed their Immigration Lawyer A to B.
    During this process my original PERM approved notification letter had been lost. I filed the I-140 on 6/14/2007 without the approval letter at Nebraska service center.

    PD: 3/6/2003 (EB3 ROW)
    Finger Printer: 12/6/2007.
    I-485: LUD: 12/7/2007 at TSC

    Labor Dept. said that they had sent, however, My previous lawyer did not have it, a new my company lawyer B did not have it, my company HR did not have it and I did not have it.
    I hope USCIS will request a duplicate approval notice from DOL directly after my I-140 has been filed, and how fast DOL acts on the request?
    DOL has stated that it acts on such requests immediately, so the adjudication of the I-140 should not be delayed significantly.

    Could you advise me, how long it will more delay for my I-140 approval processes in this cituation?

    Thanks ! :mad:

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  • pmat
    06-06 09:51 AM
    There is a change of status form available on USCIS website. It is called I-539: D

    Go through the instructions of this form. I followed the instructions in this form and sent every document they asked for. My wife also changed her status from F1 to H4. After you send everything, you will get a receipt in 2-3 weeks and approval notice will take ~3 months.

    All the best.


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  • hibworker
    12-07 05:28 PM
    You are not limited to change job within the same corporation. However you are limited to changing the job within same or similar occupation.

    Old company can revoke I-140 since it is their application. They can not revoke I-485 since it is your application. You may get RFE to show that you are still employed in same/similar occupation but that's about it. You don't need to start all over or lose your place in the queue.

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  • amitg
    08-07 01:07 PM
    what is a US consulate package service?


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  • kirupa
    02-07 01:17 AM
    There will be cases where simply placing your code below initializecomponent doesn't work as expected because your application hasn't fully loaded. For example, code in a UserControl that is relying on application state will return faulty values unless you ensure the parent has loaded via the Loaded event.


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  • cdeneo
    01-12 06:51 PM
    I don't believe leaving the company that you had signed an I-9 form with have any impact on your GC app as long as you have a same or a similar job lined up if and when you do get an RFE regarding the same.

    As mentioned several times, GC is for future employment and you can switch employers as many times as you want under AC21 (of course you don't want to go overboard with switching employers every few months either :)).

    I hope this helps - again this is my understanding of the law and not a legal opinion.

    Does the I9 form that we sign with our company have any impact on our 485 processing if we leave the company using AC21.

    Thank you.


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  • mpadapa
    04-03 12:17 PM
    If you get laid off, hopefully you have enough years on your initial 6 yr H1 to work with another employer an apply for a new labor and get back on track.

    Hi, I just joined the group. Is there anything scheduled so far?
    I also have an immigration question.
    My employer filed the PERM with EB-2 in September 2007. It was audited in November. Still waiting. I have the fear I could get laid off. If this will happen before the Labor Department approval, and before the 1-year renezaw of my H1-B (exp. Sept.08), what will happen? Do I loose everything?
    Thanks for your support.

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  • nnk555
    05-04 11:10 PM
    Thanks for reply.


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  • vinabath
    08-20 09:34 AM
    I did not want to create a new one. I could not find the old one I have created yest.
    Sorry about that.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-31 11:31 AM
    Just gave you a treat = GREEN point

    but dont ask me if others give you a trick = RED point :)

    All I want is you send mails. That will be my biggest treat.

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  • aspire_sam
    12-04 09:13 PM
    As per the new regulation, you can apply for VISA in any consulate in INDIA. This removes the ambiguity of choosing/justify the choice of a different consulate other than the one in your consular district. Refer to the link below. Hope this helps!!!

    MurthyDotCom : Visa Applications in India - Flexible Choice of Consulate (

    03-04 12:21 PM
    I have my H1 filed in 2008. Due to the market situation, I didn't go for H1 stamping and was never active on H1 so far. I entered US in March 2009 on H4. Now I got a project and want to go for the H4->H1 COS.

    I would like to know the steps/process for H4 -> H1 COS.

    I know my employer is the best person to answer this. But, the problem is whenever I ask any details, he always tries to abstract the info.

    If there are sequence of steps, after which step one is authorized to work? I tried getting the info online, but couldn't . If any of you can give me a pointer or explain the process in detail, it would be very great and helpful.

    My employer has applied for LCA. He says that he would initiate the COS process as soon as he gets the LCA. And my employer says that I can start working as soon as he files for COS and no need to wait for the approval. I want to make sure that I don't run into any legal issues. Once the employer has initiated the COS process, is there a way one can track the status and also to verify the status after the completion of the process.

    Also, please let me know how much it would cost for normal and premium processing and also the time lines for the normal and premium processing.

    Sorry for too many questions. But, please please do help!!!

    Thanks a ton in advance!!

    10-01 09:43 PM
    You need to have PT license to work. Every state has different rules, there is lot of paper work involved to sit for license exam. For Indians, mostly it was easy for Michigan, New york. For present scenario better check, very good info avaliable

    Once you pass license it is easy to get job and H1, presently physical therapy is recession proof. well paid over 60-75000 for new grads.

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