Thursday, June 30, 2011

jerry seinfeld kids

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  • javadeveloper
    07-26 05:08 PM
    I guess you should wait for reciept # , it may take upto 6 weeks,once you get reciept# you can apply for EAD/AP on your own.

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  • bongbox
    01-27 08:05 AM
    hey tnx

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  • Enginator
    09-12 12:39 PM
    If you didnt initially use your EAD to work, you should be fine because you have a valid H1B! See my other thread on this matter please.

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  • l_ynx
    10-25 05:12 AM
    of course...
    that works
    just another question:
    when you make a new material, can you export it or save it?? or sth. like that?


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  • NikNikon
    August 26th, 2004, 09:42 AM
    I've been noticing for some time now no matter what I have my white balance set on that every time I upload my pictures to my gallery it always reads "cloudy" in my EXIF data. Has anyone else noticed this type of discrepancy with thier photos?

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  • viva
    02-08 10:38 PM
    did u already contribute to IV before posting your question? This is not a free organization. Please consider to contribute if your question got answered


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  • mrajatish
    01-24 12:25 PM
    Please visit the thread
    and email me at if you are a Washington, Oregon or Idaho resident. Once I get a critical mass, I will set up a conf. call.

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  • minimalist
    08-15 04:40 PM
    I will be travelling outside US using AP by end of this month. I don not have valid stamped visa. Recently small part of my old company (A)got acquired by new company and my job was moved to new company (B)

    Lawyer at company B applied for New H1 in May 2008 ( old is still valid till 2009)�but haven�t received approved 797 notice yet.

    Can I travel outside US and comeback without haveing approved new 797 notice. I do have EAD and old 797.

    Any issues ? I don�t want to abandon my H1 status.

    Gurus please advise.
    BAsed on what I know, even if you use AP to re-enter and continue to work with the GC petitioning company, your H1 status is still valid.
    Your scenario is you will be reentering on AP , but switching the job to a new employer. You may lose your H1 status

    Not a lawyer
    EB3 I - MAy 2006
    Contribution -- $100


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  • pani_6
    06-28 10:22 AM
    Where would you check for the processing times reports for H1 B extension for state of Tx???...

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  • prom2
    07-29 06:29 PM
    This thread is not related with I-140 stage, please move it to I-485 or tracking folders. Thank you.


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  • bang
    02-11 07:43 PM
    I have a valid AP approved on Oct 13, 2007. The H1B visa stamped on my passport expired in Mar 2007. I have a valid one year H1B approval till Mar 2008. I do not have the original I797 approval notice but have a scanned copy of it. Now if I have to travel out of country in July and enter back on AP will there be any trouble at the POE with not having the original approval notice of last H1B.
    Any inputs will be appreciated. Thanks

    I came back from India last week, JFK was the Port of entry. All i showed them was the AP and my passport, they did not even ask for any other details. Infact all your details will be in their system which they will verify inside.
    I would not worry about it, but do carry your 485 filing reciept (i was never asked for one).

    Good Luck


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  • fide_champ
    11-22 12:29 PM

    Need advice from an attorney:

    My I-94 expires in december 2010. I have an approved Advance parole till Dec 2011(I485 is pending). Is it required to travel outside the country and get a new I-94 ?

    2. Is there a source on the Net that I can refer to that explains this?


    You don't have to travel outside. it is still legal to stay in the country.
    MurthyDotCom : Advance Parole : I-94 Expiration Generally Not a Problem (


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  • mk1039
    05-04 07:48 PM
    I am in similar situation. need to change LCA location after start of project.

    is it safe to do that after the start of project or do i need to quiet the job ? any idea

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  • imconfused
    09-14 03:08 PM
    so that means, an H1 transfer is as good as having more than 1 H1?

    the H1 transfer is not valid until I start working for another emplyer, correct?

    thanks all..


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  • minimalist
    06-05 02:57 PM
    Please follow "The printed exiration date"
    Hi Friends,

    I am confused with AP expiration date.

    The printed exiration date is :July 29, 2009
    But my latest paroled stamp on AP it is : Dec 05, 2009.

    Which date should i follow to renew my AP?


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  • prasadn
    05-03 03:58 PM
    Recently my company got acquired by another company. Co A had filed for my LC, and was approved in Feb 09, and my i140 was filed in EB3 in Sept 09. Co B wants to keep me, and I will continue the same job. My H1 has also been transferred to Co B. My question is:
    will there be any effect on my LC and I140? If so, what happens to my PD (Nov 08)

    If company A got fully merged into company B and it no longer exists as a entity, then company B will have to file a successor in interest petition (I-140).


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  • sounakc
    05-24 07:08 PM
    my wife is filing her I-485 based on my filed I-485 under EB2. Do I need to include an affidavit of support I-864.


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  • theshiningsun
    12-14 08:27 PM
    hi attorneys,

    i hv an approved I-140 thru employer A (my current employer). so i am eligible for 3 yrs H-1B extension. the I-140 was approved more than 6 months ago.

    once my H-1B extn is approved for 3 yrs, i want to xfr my H-1B to employer B. in that case, if employer A revokes the I-140, then what happens to my H-1B extn? does that become null and void?

    pls. note that I-485 is not filed, so i cannot invoke AC-21.

    thx in advance,

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  • gcsim
    12-09 02:17 PM
    Sorry this is a non-immigration related post.

    I wanted to share this YouTube video -- it's just too good.

    Oh man its so funny I was rolling on the floor....keep the good work going ;)

    07-21 09:22 PM
    i checked on the website, couldnt find it there. i will try calling the number when i get home. i asked in case anyone had the a similar question.


    Hi Ashish,

    Just one search for Nebraska on USCIS website resulted the answer you were looking for.

    Follow the link. Read the complete page to find out the correct address for sending your particular application type because each application has its own PO box number. D&vgnextchannel=52a46c854523d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1 RCRD


    04-18 12:20 PM
    If one applied for his I-485 before the H-4 visa was expired, then not a problem. The minor could obtain a new h-4 visa stamp overseas. He / she should take AP with her / him just in case they can't issue a visa for any reason.
    Generally speaking, one who has a pending form I-485 is not obligated by law to maintain any other status such as H-1 or H-4 and the time after the expiration of such a status is not counted as unlawful presence as long as the pending i-485 is not denied.

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